Fund Raising

200 CLUB

The 200 CLUB has been set up in order for the Association to deliver funds for small projects on behalf of the School. A Direct Debit form is attached, which can be downloaded and printed, than sent to your Bank, it also in the July 2022 bulletin.


Each unit costs £20 per year, and a draw takes place each term. 50% of our income is distributed each year. The process is simple: · If you bank online you set up a standing order for £20.00 annually to Hitchin Boys’ School Former Students’ Association - Sort Code: 20-41-12 - Account Number: 40475017 with you Family Name as your Reference or · Print out and then complete the Standing Order form at the bottom of the July 2022  bulletin and take or send it to your bank . You will receive confirmation from Colin Bates, the Fund-Raising Lead on Committee, and notification of your Ball Number; feel free to have as many balls as you like ! 

Microsoft Word document [37.0 KB]


The FSA Committee are keen to support the Head-master’s request for as much financial help as possible. Over the years, Members have paid individually for benches in the Quad. The FSA has supported the new Pavilion (£10,000 towards a sound system and £2,000 for refurbishment). We have also funded 3D Printers. A 200 Club is up and running too. All profits from the Annual Dinner are for school funds.

We believe that some members might consider a one-off donation, particularly if they wish to support a specific acquisition; this we will highlight in the next Bulletin and thence annually.

We would also like to mention the possibility of leaving a legacy. Should any member feel that HBS, through the FSA, merits remembering in their Will, please consider having a word with your appropriate advisor. We consider that any legacy should be received by the FSA, who will ensure that it is placed in a restricted fund, in accordance with any wishes expressed.