Our committee members

The Committee is made up of a number of Officers and other members.

The President is elected for a minimum of two years.

The Hon. Sec, Hon. Treasurer and Hon Membership Secretary are elected each year.

Other members are elected for three years. After three years they cannot be re-elected for one year. However, they may be co-opted for that year.


The Current Committee comprises :-


President  :- Anrew Parr

PresidentElect:- Paul Booton

President Emeritus :-  David Stancombe

Hon Secretary :- Peter Hollingsworth

Hon Treasurer :- C. Maylin

Hon Membership Secretary :-  

Headmaster :-  Fergal Moane

Michael Cranfield, C. Bates, P. Britton, P. Britton, J. Tanner, R.Sharland