The Association

 From its foundation by John Mattock in 1639 to “teach and instruct and trayne up the inhabitants of Hitchin”, the School has moved to anticipate the needs of the future while always striving to maintain valued traditions. Old Boys include captains of industry, engineers, familiar faces on television and international sportsmen.
The original ‘Free School’ was based a few hundred yards away at the top of Tilehouse Street and became the Boys’ Grammar School on the present site in 1889. As numbers increased from 24 pupils to over four hundred in the 1960s, the School’s buildings were extended in harmonious style to give it its present character, and the broad playing fields were levelled and improved.
The School became all–ability in 1974 and has since added a modern Science and Design Technology block, a sports hall and an all-weather playing field to its facilities. The new Sixth Form Centre, which opened in 2005, caters for two hundred Sixth Form students. Granted Specialist Technology Status in 2004, the School is confident that it is equipping its students for the challenges of the future.
A Founders' Day service is celebrated annually at St Mary's Church, Hitchin. This service marks the end of compulsory education for all Year 11 and the final leaving day for all Year 13 students at both Hitchin Boys’ and Hitchin Girls’ Schools.